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The Lords of Light’s metaverse blends a fantasy realm with the cryptoverse.

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  • Enter the Rainiverse

    The Lords of Light is Raini's hotly anticipated, competitive, trading card game, which will put your skills to the test against other players in a battle for strategic superiority.

  • Battle for Domination

    Collect and command armies consisting of your favourite crypto legends and mythical creatures alike in a battle for domination of the multiverse. Wield spells and set game-board wide seasons to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

  • Compete in Sponsored Tournaments

    Compete against other players in sponsored tournaments to win the favour of the lords of light, with valuable rewards on offer for the best warriors in the TCG Colloseum.

  • Collect NFT Cards

    Secure cards and card packs to build powerful decks for yourself or to trade on OpenSea or Raini’s own BSC Marketplace.

  • Play and Earn

    Become one of the best players to win games against high ranked opponents and earn numerous rewards, including $PHOTON. $PHOTON tokens can be spent in-game on an array of NFT’s and upgrades, or exchanged for real world money.

  • The Evolution of Gaming

    RTLOL is the next evolution in trading card games, with verifiable NFT ownership, rich play and earn mechanics, and top tier visual, audio and gameplay production quality. Join us in taking gaming to a whole new level.

Two worlds collide:
Fantasy meets Cryptoverse

The Quantum Rug has manifested and is now threatening existence throughout the multiverse itself. Whether originally from the Rainiverse or the Cryptoverse, it will take every legendary warrior that can be mustered to stop it.